5 Farcical Moments As Henry Bolton Clings On As Ukip Leader

PA Wire/PA Images
Ukip leader Henry Bolton speaking at the Grand Hotel in Folkestone after a series of senior figures quit over his refusal to resign

Henry Bolton is clinging on as Ukip leader despite a vote of no confidence from his party’s ruling committee in the aftermath of the controversy over racist comments made by his now ex-girlfriend about Meghan Markle.

The former soldier made public his determination to fight on in a statement made from a Folkestone hotel’s car park, capping off a farcical day for the embattled ’Kipper.

Here are five amazing moments from Monday alone:

1. Bolton’s called a “a cock-led conceited ass” by a colleague.

On Sunday, members of the party’s National Executive Committee – its ruling body – held a vote of no confidence in Bolton’s leadership.

He was, however, given the chance to step down and have the vote…

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