4Teeth Double Baby Teething Mitten Set, Twin Pack with a Travel Bag in Gift Box (Baby Pink)

Babies make the world happy!

That’s why we want to make our little friends happier, safer and more comfortable all over the globe. We work tirelessly in London to bring innovation, material technology and smart design together for a better future. Our genuinely designed products offer higher safety and hygienic standards while keeping our little friends relaxed and entertained.

Our dynamic and extraordinary team works hard to help you get the best baby products with minimum effort at affordable prices. Innovation lies at the core of our culture, as we constantly concern ourselves with better solutions for babies and parents.

We are a very colourful organization but we are quite serious about the safety of our products. Therefore, constantly test each category of products for toxic materials and BPA. We use the highest quality of materials available from silicone to cotton in order to offer premium quality products.

We aspire to be the best at what we do and thus we’re very close with mothers who have been the engine behind our innovations. Take a look at our products and find new and safer ways to keep, new-borns, infants, toddlers and kids happy.

Twin pack is one of our best-selling products and features two baby teething mittens. The teether gloves protect babies from chewing on their hand. The product provides instant teething relief and gum massage. In addition, it protects babies from scratching themselves. Each glove can be worn on both hands.

Ohh! And if you’re looking for a trendy, useful and entertaining present for that little awesomeness, this product with its stylish packaging will make a great gift. Mittens also keep baby boys’ and girls’ hands warm making it the perfect present, especially in the winter.

With Love,

4Teeth Team

Great Design: Award winning, stylish, functional and universal trendy design. Easy to clean with just washing under the tap or you can even put in washing machine! Can be worn on left or right hand.
Entertaining: The vibrant colours help brain development and provide visual and tactile stimulation to the baby while the crinkle sound and the pain-relieving texture keep them entertained!
Pain Relief: Provides instant teething relief and gum massage. Enables active gums to exercise and promotes the development of strong, healthy teeth and gums and protects babies from scratching themselves.
Safe: BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadium, Lead and other soluble Heavy Metal free. and made from ‘Food Grade Silicone’. The teething mitten features food grade silicone and protects babies from chewing on their hand.
Durable: Made to last for years with high end materials! The silicone is mould-bacteria resistant that is exceptionally durable. The product also takes advantage of natural materials such as cotton to ensure a safer experience.

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