40% Of Women Feel Bad About Their Looks After Watching 'Love Island'

Two in five (40%) female ‘Love Island’ viewers aged 18-34 feel more self-conscious about their body and appearance after watching the show.

More than one in 10 (11%) are more likely to consider lip fillers, one fifth (22%) would have their teeth whitened and almost one third (30%) have considered going on a diet to lose weight, according to a poll of more than 2200 women released by feminist community Level Up. 

A number of members of the 30,000-strong community have raised concerns about adverts for appetite-suppressing products and cosmetic surgery shown during the programme. Level Up is calling for the broadcaster to commit to no longer showing adverts in this or future series and almost two thousand letters have been sent to the broadcaster by members to call for change.

“My daughter is showing signs of susceptibility to such ideas,” one concerned mother wrote. “Her mental health and self-esteem is already low. She doesn’t need more pressure to try to line herself up to an impossible and unhealthy image of perfection. There will be many other products and services who would want to advertise to that audience. Please act responsibly and help us bring up teenagers in healthy thinking if you can.”  

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