37 Seconds Inside a Parent's Head

THE SCENE: playing in tiny man’s bedroom; books and miscellaneous items he has picked up in the last ten-minutes (reel of sellotape, single work shoe of husband that husband will shout at wife for losing, car key that I will later hunt down for 15 minutes, kitchen wooden spoon).

seconds 1-3): This is amazing. Look at him reading the book! He’s so clever! I’m so lucky to have the time to sit and read with him on a Thursday afternoon. Life is great!

THE SCENE: tiny man bores of That’s Not My Elephant book (who can blame him), and upturns box of wooden train, which I OCD-ishly earlier spent ages intricately setting up Exactly As The Box Says.

THE HEAD (seconds 4-9): I should stop pointlessly building that train to its box specifications. It’s not a Northern line to Morden….

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