3 new Japanese restaurants to visit with the family

Nikki Fung

Emporium Shokuhin, #01-18 Marina Square

The customised ramen is the main dish at this eatery, but the star dish when we visited turned out to be the seafood gyoza. Priced at $7.80 for a plate of five, the dumplings are generously filled with pork and crab and have a deliciously crisp pan-fried skin. We recommend dropping what you’re doing and eat these the moment they’re delivered to your table.


Speaking of delivery, we were surprised, when the bamboo curtain in the small window at the end of our booth popped open and our ramen was placed on our table by a waiter. The plus side to this? It means that the food is delivered piping-hot, directly from the kitchen. Both booth and individual…

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