21 Realities Of Two Under Two

If toddlers are cute and babies are cuter combining the two would be cuteness overload Right?


21 Realities Of Owning Two Under Two.

#21 He who cries the loudest wins.

#20 You can’t have anything nice -at least for the next 18 years. Anything nice, precious, expensive or special will get destroyed. Babies, especially toddlers have a sixth sense for objects of importance and make it their sole mission to break, stain or demolish anything you love.

#19 Even the most organized, clean and neurotically obsessive parents will feel like their home and life is in complete dire straits.

#18 You wonder why you even bother cleaning, showering or doing anything that requires regular maintenance after all as it’s only a matter of time before everything becomes unhinged again.

#17 Your once proud and contributing recycling bin now only consists of dirty nappies and burnt crockery.

#16 You look in the mirror and see an elderly person staring back – you realize the stress and sacrifice of raising two children has aged you significantly – you contemplate surgery. Dreams and ambitions come plummeting to a halt after the doctor gives you a quote you can’t afford. The children look great in their new Bugaboo stroller – it seemed like a necessity at the time but it’s just cost you your youth.

#15 You feel like a free woman when they’re both asleep at the same time.

#14 You’ve learnt to master the art of time management, though there’s nothing manageable about juggling two children, a heavily curated Instagram (that’s a sharp contrast of your reality) and your morning coffee.

#13 Your phone conversations are abbreviated and your friends don’t get offended if you simply hang up.

#12 The eldest will use the youngest as a human experiment if you will, treating her as more of a toy or a source of entertainment than an actual human being.


#11 You don’t get invited anywhere because people just assume you’re busy.

#10 If you do get invited out you spend the whole time feeling guilty and wishing you were at…

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