2 Packs Idealeben Window Insect Screen Net Mesh Velcro Kit 1.3m x 1.5m White

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Do you love fresh air but often find your room filled with flies and insects?
Do you also want to look outside through the window of the world, but the black net is destroying the atmosphere. If so, our Window Insect Screen Net is the perfect product to create a removable. The mesh is white and dense, and diameter of the holes less than 2 mm stops annoying flys or spiders.Our Window Insect Screen Net attaches securely to your window frame with strong Velcro to keep pests out!


• Great gadget, the holes smaller than a mosquito stops annoying flys, Use them for bedroom windows. Keep the window open all day long even when its dark and the lights on.
• The net is white and is invisible across the window unless you are literally a few inches away, so it doesn’t detract from the room or look ugly.
If you’re looking for the perfect solution to allow fresh, cool air to circulate throughout your home, while keeping pests and flies out, the window screen is the perfect choice!

Package including :

2 x Window Insect Screen
1 x package Velcro
Click “Add to Cart” now!Fantastic insect shield, the diameter of the holes very tiny, smaller than a mosquito!
Super Transparent, white net is invisible across the window; it doesn’t detract from the room
With velcro tape, the soft net fabric sticks to the velcro incredibly well, so it’s difficult to pull off and stays taut
The net can be easily cut down to size and fitted to multiple windows, stick the velcro to the window frame place the netting over and cut off any excess. Done!!
2 packs 130mm x 150mm Window Insect Screen, 566cm in total and is 8mm wide strong sticky Velcro

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