14 Times Bad Films Happened To Good Popstars

Selling out concerts all over the world and hitting the top of the charts over and over again just isn’t enough for some is it? And that’s usually the point when our favourite stars decide to give a film career a whirl.

It’s now become almost a given that when a singer is nearing the top of their game in the world of music, they’ll then want to prove they’re not just a one-trick pony and give being a film star a try… with varying results.

While the jury is still out on how we’ll all be looking back at Lady Gaga’s latest big-screen venture House Of Gucci, Ariana Grande and Harry Styles have also given us reason to get excited, with four films between the two of them coming out in the next couple of yea.

Let’s hope they can avoid the same trend their pop peers have previously fallen victim to in the past, as seen below…

Burlesque starts off as a standard camp musical, but takes a downward turn around the midway point, and winds up being more about planning permission and property law, than sequins and feather boas.

Despite the confusing turn of events in the film’s latter half, Xtina’s co-star, Cher, is flawless throughout. But you could probably assume that for yourself.

Madonna in Body Of Evidence

Throughout it all, Madonna has insisted she’s not a bad actor, she’s just been in “a lot of bad movies”. Narrowing those “bad movies” down to just one is no easy task, but among the most panned is Body Of Evidence, which did its best to cash in on the Basic Instinct/Fatal Attraction/Single White Female style of female-led thrillers that were popular in the early 90s.

This film ended up being rubbished by critics, unfortunately for Madonna whose career took an out-of-character wobble shortly after this film came out.

20th Century Fox/Columbia/Kobal/Shutterstock

A cautionary tale for any popstars wanting to cross into the film industry is Mariah Carey’s Glitter, a film which was absolutely savaged by critics upon its release in 2001.

Mimi’s own feelings about Glitter have varied in the…

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