14 things you'll only recognise if you're weaning your baby

As baby stages go, weaning is kind of like Marmite – some of us enjoy it more than others. Either way, it’s an exciting sign he’s growing up (kind of) and getting ready to take whatever the culinary world throws at him.

See if these sound familiar…

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1) Simple highchairs are the best

All the techy features in the world don’t matter when you’ve spent half an hour trying to scrape food out of that hinge/groove/joint.

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Ice cube trays. Maybe a blender. That fun bowl that has suckers on the bottom. Yep, this is a whole new stage people, and nobody’s going to stop you going wild in the Tupperware aisle.

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3) Your diet gets an overhaul

With all those carrot sticks and healthy finger foods, your own eating has never been better *polishes halo*.

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4) That said, carrot sticks are bland

Especially after you’ve eaten seven in the last 20 minutes. Perhaps move onto the cucumber.

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5) The poo… oh, the poo

Suddenly it’s like a grown-up’s. The smell, the consistency… Bring back the yellow watery stage.

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6) Dried Weetabix is like cement

Good luck getting that off the table.

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7) At some point, you will find a Cheerio in your hair

It’s a weaning rite of passage, really. And chances are you’re not the only parent in Costa with something soggy somewhere on your person.

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8) The epic sense of pride

When your baby loves something new. Time to text all friends and family to let them know.

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9) Appearance kind of matters

If you don’t like the look of that pureed pea and potato combo, your baby probably won’t either.

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10) Unless it’s mashed with banana

There’s something magical about it. Anything mixed with banana is your small person’s culinary weakness.

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11) Your stress every time he coughs

It’s that slight panic that every sound your baby makes might be a choke. And breathe.

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12) Your baby has some great facial expressions

Who knew avocado could bring so much such joy/excitement/horror?

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13) Nothing is immune to smearing or throwing

Face it – your baby just doesn’t care that you’re wearing your new Zara work shirt.

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14) Anything orange never comes out of clothes

Most of your T-shirts now have a Fanta/fake tan-esque mark that no amount of washing powder can entirely get rid of.


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