14 Things All Parents Go Through When Watching ‘One Born Every Minute’

No matter what your TV choices were before you became parents, once you have a family of your own you can’t wait to spend an evening on the sofa watching other people go through the agony of childbirth. 

And don’t pretend there is a dry eye in the house, it is physically impossible not to cry watching ‘One Born Every Minute’.

Here are 14 things all parents go through when they’re watching it.

1. Promising yourself you won’t cry during this episode. 

2. Getting the tissues out before the first ad break. 

3. Being you’re so glad you’re not in labour. 

4. Reminding your partner of everything they did that annoyed you in the delivery room. 

5. Feeling so invested in the couple’s relationship. 

6. Analysing every single thing they say to each other.

7. Deciding what sort of parents they are going to be.

8. Wishing he would stop saying he is tired.  

9. Making your partner take notes for next time.

10. Remembering how boring and long labour was.

11. Wondering how she looks so relaxed and not a sweaty mess.

12. Closing your legs remembering the agonising pain to come.

13. Getting broodier by the second. 

14. Dragging your partner upstairs to bed. 

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