14 People Told Us How They Feel About Diversity In The City Soon To Become Majority Non-White

The religious and ethnic diversity in Birmingham makes the city “wonderful”, but can also lead to tensions, abuse and segregation, residents of the UK’s second-largest city have told HuffPost UK.

British white people are set to become the minority in “super diverse” Birmingham by 2021, according to a report last month.

More than half of the city’s 1.2 million-plus population will be from an ethnic minority, with 60 per cent of under 18s already coming from a non-white British background.

People on the streets of Birmingham shared their views on diversity, community and Brexit when they were asked what they cared about for HuffPost Listens, a project which saw our reporters go out in the city and listen to people.

Christine Barron, who wasn’t born in Birmingham but moved there, said it was “absolutely wonderful” to move somewhere she felt interracial relationships are “accepted”.

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