'13 Reasons Why' Comes Under Fire Over Graphic Rape Scene In Final Episode

This post contains spoilers for the second series of ’13 Reasons Why’.

As you may recall, the first series of Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ was heavily criticised over its depiction of suicide, in particular a scene in which the lead character took her own life, which sparked a lot of conversation over whether it had crossed a line with its graphic content.

Prior to the second series’ debut, it looked as though those in charge had learned their lesson, particularly when it was revealed that each episode will now feature a video featuring the show’s cast, serving as a trigger warning.

However, with more viewers now nearing the end of the show’s second run, it would appear this is not the case, with ‘13 Reasons Why’ once again facing criticism over its graphic content, this time relating to a sexual assault.


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