12 Things That Always Happen In The First Week Back At School

Parents across the country unite, as we prepare for the battle that is the first week back at school.

The early mornings, the homework tantrums, and the constant unease that we’ve forgotten an essential piece of PE kit.

Oh well, if all else fails, there is always wine.

1. You’re so glad they are going back and you get the house to yourself. 

2. Until your remember you have to do the school run. 

3. Your alarm feels so much earlier than it used to. 

4. You remember how bad the traffic is at this time. 

5. And how much you hate always being late.

6. Your kitchen turns into a packed lunch production line.


7. And the healthy Pinterest lunch ideas get scrapped by Thursday. 

8. The pile of washing grows even though they are wearing the same outfit all week.  

9. You spend your evenings sewing name labels on everything you own.

10. But they still manage to lose all the new things you bought them. 

11. You expect them to have loads of stories when you pick them up, but they are mute.

11. Until you get home and they want feeding. 

12. You feel like the week will go on forever. It will. 

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