12 Reasons Why I Need My Children More Than They Need Me

12 Reasons Why I Need My Children More Than They Need Me | The Huffington Post

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I have entered back into the world of working and have worked out that I need my kids more than they need me, here’s why:

  • When you have a child/children the world is a friendlier place where people smile, they give loving looks to your baby and toddler and say things like, “I would love mine to be that age again”, “Enjoy this time as they soon grow up”. People stop and chat – they even chuckle when they hear your toddler’s funny comments, it could almost be compared to be walking around in a Mary Poppins type film. When you don’t have children with you no one smiles and god forbid any type of conversation, they give you the look of , “you’ve let yourself go” which brings me onto my next point.
  • Your appearance is totally excused when you have children. Bad hair, no make up, bad nails, dirty clothes, generally looking harassed is all fine with kids attached to you somewhere. If on the odd occasion I make it out without the kids and I do happen to get into a conversation (which is rare) I make some reference to having children, mainly I do this in a gym class just to excuse appearance and lack of effort.
  • When you have children it’s totally acceptable to drive everywhere, even if it’s to the end of road because the hassle of getting the pushchair and buggy board (which is sometimes the best thing I have brought and sometimes the worst) out is just too much effort, but just popping the kids in the car is easier and results in everyone being warm and dry.
  • Gives you motivation to go to the gym and enjoy it, yes when you only have three hrs a week spare there is no “I will go tomorrow” excuse as tomorrow everything could have fallen apart, illness could have struck, someone might be having a bad day.
  • You can park in massive spaces that have room around the edge, I’m really bad at parking, bit of a cliche but when I passed my driving test (which took five attempts) I got my car stuck in a multi…

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