10 reasons to watch Chingay Parade 2016 and Chingay Night Fiesta 2016

Spectators will be part of the show According to a report in The Straits Times (ST), spectators in the stands at the F1 Pit Building will be given hand-held light bulbs to wave during the opening and finale.

Look up to see the 66m-long, helium-filled flying dragon and enjoy singing, dancing, drumming performances on a “sky stage” held up by a 50m-high towering crane. There will also be a firework display.

It will have an international cast
There will be 8,000 performers making up 50 groups, 10 of which will come from other countries including Japan, the US and Malaysia.

8,000 sky lanterns will light up the night to celebrate the theme of Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore. These lanterns were illustrated by residents pledging their support towards upholding values such as resilience,…

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