1-year-old Baby has 5 rotten teeth: Mum's guilt and regret

Young Parents Team

Dylan Wan was just over a year old, but he already had five decayed teeth.

His mum, Laine Loy, a director, confessed: “I didn’t take care of his teeth much because I thought he was too young for decay to set in.”

Alarm bells rang only when she noticed the rot on Dylan’s front teeth. The process of fixing them turned out to be a long, painful and costly one.

While his case is rare, dentists say more parents are taking their very young children for check-ups.

Dr Rashid Tahir, dental specialist in paediatric dentistry at The Kids Dentist, has seen 20 to 30 per cent more patients under two in the past year alone.

Team GPA has observed a twofold increase in patients below the age of two the past year. Dr Wilson Goh, managing director of Team…

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