1 In 5 Believe The Flu Jab Will Give Them Flu – Here's Why They're Wrong

One fifth of people incorrectly believe the flu jab can give them the virus, a survey of 2,000 adults has revealed. And worryingly, this false belief may be one of the reasons why just under half (37 per cent) of Brits are planning to be vaccinated this year.

Jane Devenish, pharmacist at Well Pharmacy which commissioned the research, said: “The only way to catch flu is by being exposed to the flu virus, and the virus peaks in winter.”

When a person has the flu vaccination, the viruses injected into the body are not active. “Getting the vaccine does not give you the flu – it’s impossible to get the flu from the vaccine,” registered GP Dr Kenny Livingstone told HuffPost UK. “There may be a reaction to the injection like a sore arm or slight temperature  and muscle aches – but these are common reactions to a vaccine.”

If you’ve previously caught the flu after having the jab, chances are you had already caught it at the time of having the vaccine or in the following weeks after having it (as its protective effects don’t kick in properly until two weeks later). There’s also a chance the strain you caught wasn’t covered by the vaccine.

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The survey comes almost a month after England’s chief nurse Professor Jane Cummings revealed that some NHS staff are choosing not to have the flu vaccine because they incorrectly believe it will give them flu, which she confirmed is a myth.

Last year there were 15,000 deaths caused by flu in England (almost double the national average) – as such, health officials are increasing efforts to protect the population’s health. Public Health England’s medical director Professor Paul Cosford said the number one way to protect against flu is to have the vaccination.

Dr Livingstone, who is chief medical officer of private home visit service ZoomDoc, added: “Flu can be very serious and can increase the risk of…

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